What’s happening this month at the Trail?

K-12 Public School Teachers Blog

Whether you are teaching primary students about the first Thanksgiving, elementary students about the discovery of the Americas, middle school students about Kentucky’s role in the Second Great Awakening or high school students about the classics, music, art and culture of our Western civilization, the curriculum touches on the ideas and history of the Christian religion. The Kentucky Faith & Public History Education Project exists to produce objective, secular and non-devotional resources for K-12 public school teachers to use when introducing these topics in the classroom. The topics addressed in the Teachers Resources Blog are presented to assist us all to speak factually and historically about matters of faith with our students. Your comments and opinions are welcome in the interests of open and honest debate.

Parents and Homeschoolers Blog

How should parents speak about religion with their children? It is an important topic no matter which faith a family’s heritage connects to. Even if a family practices no faith, as is the case for at least half of Kentuckians, children still need to be given a vocabulary to use when thinking about religion. They need to become introduced to the ideas and vocabulary of the Christian religion to understand the history of the United States and to critically read our founding documents. The history of the world has certainly been impacted by religion, especially by the Christian religion. So, without making any assumptions about what a person or a family believes, or should believe, this blog will help families and homeschoolers explore the Christian history in their community. It will also provide tips for how to use the Kentucky Faith & Public History Education Project resources online and onsite in Paris, Kentucky. 

Children’s & Youth Ministry Leaders Blog

The Kentucky Faith & Public History Education Project produces resources about the Christian history of Kentucky. It does not proselytize but it introduces visitors online and onsite in Paris, Kentucky, to many people whose fame and contributions to Kentucky, and from Kentucky to the world, derived from their commitment to live as Christians. A visit to the Walking Trail and the re-imagined Nineteenth Century Camp Meeting in Paris, Kentucky, is a perfect field trip for your church’s Vacation Bible School or Youth Group. Even if you cannot plan an actual visit, the topics featured in this blog will inform and supplement the program ideas you can use in your children’s and youth ministries.