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Collect and read all the Famous Kentucky Christian Club Books. They are beginning chapter books for students reading at the second through fourth grade levels. Each book introduces a person, place or idea that has been significant to Kentucky’s history. Each book is a values driven story that models the inquiry practice at the core of the Kentucky Academic Standards for Social Studies. The illustrations are images from the public domain that can serve as artifacts and evidence for the learning process. Click on the book covers below to be taken to the Amazon link where these can be purchased. The whole series is available online here.

FKCC Book Number 1

Big Bully – The Story of Simon Kenton 

Keith, Ken, Kim and Kara are a team. Their school picked them to go to this year’s FKCC meet. They have lots to do to get ready. Will they win the first prize? It will take lots of teamwork and Keith is a big bully. But so was Simon Kenton. He was a famous Kentucky Christian. The kids have to do a show and tell about Simon Kenton at the meet. Can they work well as a team or will Keith always try to be the boss?

FKCC Book Number 2

New Boots – The Story of Elisha Green

Sally knew what it felt like to have cold wet feet. The other kids on the team, Phil, Jane and Tyrone did not have holes in their shoes. The team had to work together to find out about Elisha Green for the FKCC meet. If they won, all the fourth grades in their school would get to go on a field trip. They wanted to win. But none of them knew anything about Elisha Green. Then Sally learned about a time he almost lost his brand new boots in a train wreck.

FKCC Book Number 3

Hurt Feelings – The Story of Dottie Rambo 

Tim and Tom are twins. Jan and Julie are twins. The four kids are a team. They have to learn about Dottie Rambo so that they can tell about her at the FKCC meet. They want to win the prize but it will take a lot of work and the sisters do not get along. Jan does not think Julie does her fair share. Jan always sticks out her tongue at Julie which hurts her feelings. Will they be able to work together as a team? How will Tom and Tim’s grandmother help?

FKCC Book Number 4 

Picked Last – Effie Waller Smith’s Story

Kendra, Chuck and Nathan liked being a team. They each were smart. They each worked hard. They always got good grades. The fourth grade picked them to do the show and tell at the FKCC meet for the whole school. They had to learn about Effie Waller Smith. If their show and tell was the best they would win a field trip for all the fourth graders. But there was a problem. The new girl was picked last to be on their team too.

FKCC Book Number 5 

Great Idea – The Story of Harry Clark Karsner

When Mr. Smith put Mark on the school’s team for the FKCC meet, Linda got worried. She always has to help Mark with his work when he’s not in the resource room. But Mark does know lots about airplanes and Harry Clark Karsner was a pilot.

FKCC Book Number 6 

Knocked Down – The Story of Carl Brashear

Ruth uses a wheelchair. Bree is deaf so Ms. Smith signs for her at school. Cody is almost blind. Ben fell off his bike and broke his leg so he can’t play soccer or go out to recess. They are the school team for the FKCC meet. Why did Mrs. Green pick them to present Carl Brashear’s life at the contest? Will their presentation win first prize?

FKCC Book Number 7 

Too Bad – The Story of Peggy Taylor

This year’s FKCC meet has to be virtual because of the virus. Carmen, Margarita, Donte and Lee want their PowerPoint presentation about Peggy Taylor to win. But the kids do not understand how, if Peggy Taylor was a famous Kentucky Christian, she could have owned slaves.

FKCC Book Number 8 

Not Fair – The Story of Mary Britton

Hannah, Lupe, Dan and Paul are the fourth-grade student council representatives. They don’t think it’s fair that only fourth and fifth graders get to vote on what the whole school does. They also want their presentation about Mary Britton to win at the state FKCC meet.

FKCC Book #9

Math Nerd – The Story of William Alexander

Lucy’s favorite subject is math. When she learned that William Alexander kept a math journal when he was a boy, she decided to make one too. Could a math journal help Paul, Nan, Jose and Lucy win a contest? The prize is a huge field trip and a party.

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