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What is the Famous Kentucky Christians Club?

The Famous Kentucky Christians Club (FKCC for short) is an online group of kids who are interested in Kentucky history and especially in the history of the Christian religion and its people in Kentucky. FKCC members receive four e-newsletters each year that introduce famous Kentuckians. The newsletters also set up challenges and include educational puzzles and fun games. The FKCC book series was written to demonstrate how the FKCCs work. Perhaps someday there will be an actual FKCC meet where you will be able to compete to win a great prize. For now, just the fictitious kids in the FKCC books are always trying to win the first prize.

Who can join the Famous Kentucky Christians Club?

You can join. Anyone can join. It’s easy and it’s fun.

How do I join the Famous Kentucky Christians Club?

Hooray! We are so glad you decided to join the club. All you have to do is tell us your name, age, grade and email address. Click here to join.

Read some of the e-newsletters here.

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